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Even weekends for most of us are reserved for resting and staying at home, lets try to bring some fresh changes to our common routines, because changes are sometimes very healthy! Many of us would ask how Sunday without lying down in bed all day can help me to push through the whole week? Well, it can!

My first advice is to take it all very casual, in a slow Sunday mood. Take a long and good sleep, stay in bed longer and even have a breakfast in there! Sipping coffee, watching your favourite shows that you`ve missed, scrolling the Internet, enjoy the difference of a non working day that Sunday brings. It`s really all about good time organisation. After lunch and a small break, hit the outside! Sometimes, it shouldnt be something planned: take a walk to your favourite park, ride a bike, feel free to do all the things you cant during the week, that will fresh you up and bring some new inspiration. We`ve mixed it all up this Sunday: visited Louvre, which was a pure enjoyment than passed to the park – Jardin de Tuliers. Greens,statues and sculptures,fountains – it really felt like we are guests of some castle for a weekend! Art and all that beauty that surrounds you, feeling that you are not that average “nine to five”worker that wastes his/her life working and that all good things passes by you. This is life, this is a different dimension that exists and you re so happy to be able to comprehend it! A few centuries back in history, a closer look to artistic pieces that are greater than almost all modern achievements, its worth cutting of the piece of that lazy Sunday! You can sit on the grass read a book or even have a picnic, just enjoy the day. Its a source of inspiration&motivation for whole week coming, believe me – you should try it!

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Did Spring come just on Instagram?

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Does anybode else have this feeling that this nice weather is calling for so many changes. I want to clear out all of my wardrobe and buy all that fresh, new clothes that`s comming in stores, I want to clean my appartment and put the new decoration Im seeing on beautiful Instagram&Pinterest accounts! And in the end, I want a new job that will bring me to a whole new life! Maybe Im wrong, but this Spring is somehow so tense. I think we were so overwhelmed with this dull, long winter that we invested so much expectations into Spring. Social networks have a big piece in that cake I believe. It impacts our lives more than we are ready to admit.

Everything become so fast: lifestyle, fashion, travels its one very fast wheel which if you re not keeping up with,you re lost. Yes,thats what this Spring has brought to us: reconsideration. But, we should all put the arms down for a little bit. Sun,flower and green grass does not mean you need do start it all over again like the nature does. We should take some rest from the impact that we,people created among ourselves. Lets share some love for the things we have not just those we dont but we wish for. It creates the lust that confuses us in a real time of our lives. So take out your favourite sneakers or pants from the last season, put a sunglasses on and drink a coffee outside without snapping yourself with that cup!

With love,


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Welcome to Paris!

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Well, you do girl! This is what Ive said to myself just the moment after I got out of the plane. Its a strange feeling: coming to a such beautiful city for the first time but with a little bit of biterness because you did not came to visit/explore/sightseeing, you (actually me) come to stay and change your life!

Must be completely honest, it was not the nicest welcome. Taking in consideration I came with a low cost flight (Wizzair), the french customs were not very pleasent. Not theyve just opened all of my bags and suitcases, (if youre a girl, you know how hard is to close it again by yourself!), theyve opened my wallet counting my money,digging through my hand luggage which was full of electronic devices and underwear (what else can you put in there!). Was it all because of the cheap flight, coming from Serbia or what? I even have an EU passport,but it didnt matter at that moment because they were just rude. Doing their job,I know. But they should not underestimate someones dignity I believe.

When I survived the digging and closed my bags with some wonder powers, we have to go to the city to take a famous RER train, because well live in a suburb of Paris. In Serbia we dont have a metro, ok, Ive travelled the world a little bit,saw it,tried it.But! This train has a double floor and so many people inside that I was shocked! I had four bags. Squized somewhere in the train, I felt a fear. Is this city of light,art and fashion? Did I do it well deciding to live here? It`s that feeling: you are a stranger. You need to wait and you have so much to learn!

So,how time goes,it`s getting better! I am getting used to the new environment, people are nice,polite,helpful. And there are better trains that that one too! 🙂 Taking some french lessons at the moment and exploring the city, I will conclude this story with a positive vibes and all the beauty that shines from the photos.

Till next time,

With love,

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Coat: Zara (old)

Sneakers: Zara SS19 collection

Bag: Aldo

Sunglasses: Zara